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Rainwater Solution

Make the best use of rainwater from a rainwater harvesting system.

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Rain Director - A WRAS Approved Product
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What does it do?

The Low Energy Rain Director® rainwater management control system delivers rain water collected by a rainwater harvesting system to washing machines, toilets, the garden and other uses where mains quality water is not required.

Rainwater is pumped from a storage tank and held ready for use in a header tank , controlled by electronic level sensors, valves and a rainwater management control panel.

Winner of the  HBR Product InnovationAward 2013, the Rain Director® manages and delivers clean rainwater at constant pressure for use around the house and garden. Take a closer look.

Rain Director® features

  • Safe LOW ENERGY consumption 12v power
  • Controller program includes holiday and flush function to avoid stale water in header tank
  • Constant water pressure; even during a power cut!
  • Fail-safe mains water backup
  • Automatic or user-controlled
  • Simple press-button controls
  • Full system option includes underground storage tank
  • WRAS Approved and Waterwise Accredited
  • Lowest energy RWH system on the market
  • Let’s see how it works

Benefits at a glance!

  • Constant water pressure
  • Simple operation
  • Mains water backup
  • Longer pump life
  • Lower power bills
  • Safer use of rainwater
  • More control!
  • See the benefits in action

Rain Director© includes:

  • Header Tank
  • Control Panel
  • Pump

Systems Available

Watch the Rain Director Video here

Overall Winner Housebuilding and Renovation Innovation Award 2013

A brief description

The Rain Director® makes the best use of rainwater from a rainwater harvesting system so you can use rainwater from your roof to flush toilets, wash clothes and water the garden. More applications.

Rainwater harvesting reduces our environmental impact and the Rain Director® goes further in safely reducing the energy and mains water consumption of a typical rainwater harvesting system.

The System

The Rain Director® simply directs the flow of rainwater in the home. The 12v control panel intelligently directs the rainwater from your rainwater storage tank via the header tank to your toilets, washing machine or garden tap.

The Rain Director® program settings ensure that the header tank water is fresh and that the pump in the rainwater tank works for the minimum amount of time.

The result is cleaner water, lower running costs and greater control on your mains water use.

More features here.

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